Fuel briquettes

Fuel briquettes (for heating)


Fuel briquettes (for heating) are an environmentally friendly alternative to wood fuel and made of 100% natural eco-friendly materials. BioPolus Global fuel briquettes are produced from dry olive biomass and processed under high pressure with no chemical substances applied. Thanks to using olive briquettes, a clear and hot fire can be maintained for a long time. Because such briquettes are based on olive biomass, the environmental effect can be maximally reduced, since the content of harmful substances, primarily sulfur, is much less than in different fossil fuels.

BioPolus Global fuel briquettes have a high heating value of 5.2 – 5.55 kW/kg, with a power output of 19-20 kJ/kg.

Briquettes have a number of benefits when being used for heating, including high energy density, a long burning period and uniform shape maintained throughout the burning process, as well as low ash and moisture content in BioPolus Global briquettes.

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