Biomass is fuel that is developed from organic materials, a renewable and sustainable source of energy used to create electricity or other forms of power.



Are an environmentally friendly alternative to wood fuel and made of 100% natural eco-friendly materials. Produced from biomass and processed under high pressure with no chemical substances applied.



Coal owes its formation to peat swamps. In flooded marshes, under conditions of a lack of oxygen, the decomposition of vegetation takes place until it reaches a gel state, which originates shining solid coal.

Only Bioproducts!

Biomass energy has significant advantages over fossil fuels and a number of other renewable energy sources, providing energy, improving living standards, increasing well-being and reducing poverty.. Biomass energy systems are a potential mechanism for eliminating poverty in rural areas, while contributing to sustainable development and environmental protection, and are receiving increasing attention around the world. Among the main reasons for such attention is worth noting (Kartha & Leach 2001):

We Provide Bioenergy

Bioenergy is fuel made from renewable organic material. Bioenergy provided 7% of our total energy in supply in 2017.

High quality

The responsible supplier clearly monitors the production process, contrlos the quality of the product, from the time of the selection of raw materials and to delivery to the customer.


Eco Friendly

In the production process, all stages are observed, so that each lot of the finished product meets the world quality standards.


Affordable price

Of course, every buyer is interested in buying the highest quality goods at the lowest price.


Convenient packaging

A good supplier is always ready to offer you pellets in convenient packaging and delivery in the shortest possible time.

BioPolus Products

BioPolus Global is a charcoal supplier and biofuel producer, and coal manufacturer. Upon request, you can receive our high-quality products in a really short period of time.

Wood charcoal

Wood charcoal is the industrial biomass used as the primary material for producing briquettes.


Briquettes for BBQ

BBQ briquettes are irreplaceable and very significant products, used for creating comfortable camping, picnic, fishing, hunting conditions, since they can be ignited quite easily and simply.


Coconut charcoal

Coconut charcoal is a 100% environmentally friendly product made of coconut shell.

We are ready to supply any of our products by sea or land transport upon your demand. Upon request, you can receive our high-quality products within a really short period of time.

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