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BioPolus Global is a company conducting its business in the international trade sector.

We can guarantee a constantly high level of quality and delivery reliability.

Our clients can enter into any CIF or FOB contractual supply agreements.

We are ready to supply any of our products by sea or land transport upon your demand. Upon request, you can receive our high-quality products within a really short period of time.

BioPolus Global builds its business with suppliers and clients demonstrating entire transparency and honesty. We value our reputation, appreciate our partners, and we have great confidence that only mutual understanding and advantageous cooperation can result in any favorable effects.

BioPolus Global is a charcoal supplier and biofuel producer, and coal manufacturer. Upon request, you can receive our high-quality products in a really short period of time.

Why is Biopolus a reliable eco fuel supplier?

1. Quality production. The responsible supplier clearly monitors the production process, contrlos the quality of the product, from the time of the selection of raw materials and to delivery to the customer.

2. Technology. In the production process, all stages are observed, so that each lot of the finished product meets the world quality standards.

3. Affordable product cost. Of course, every buyer is interested in buying the highest quality goods at the lowest price. BioPolus Global offers a comprehensive service in the supply of coal, biomass and bio products around the world.

4. Convenient packaging. When buying granules, it is very advantageous to order goods that are packaged in bags of 15, 50, 100 and even 1000 kg. A good supplier is always ready to offer you pellets in convenient packaging and delivery in the shortest possible time.

Thus, the order of eco fuel is an excellent opportunity to save on heating and make a significant contribution to the protection of the environment due to 100% ecological friendliness of the material.

Biopolus product the necessary wholesale supplies both to individuals and legal entities throughout the world.

  • We are awesome people to meet
  • We’re happy to help in the purchase
  • We have the latest technologies
  • The quality is our goal
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • We have best prices & service

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