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Eco Fire Sticks lightning up BBQ and fireplaces

Just like Jim Morrison put it very much correctly – c’mon baby light my fire! And that’s exactly what those babies do. Our Eco Firesticks is the perfect solution to start fire both in nature and at home. We create our “green” and environmental-friendly firesticks based on our own special technology (currently pending patent).
The uniqueness of our method

Our firesticks are perfectly safe for use.

They are made of solely 2 ecologically clean components:

  • Natural Cotton
  • Food grade paraffin wax

This composition ensures that the sticks provide safe and stable fire for about 10 minutes (enough time for making a stable BBQ or stove warm-up to the perfect condition). This achieved with no unpleasant side-effects, such as nasty smell, residues, scent of oil, explosives and other dangerous attributes of starting a fire.

We created our Eco Firesticks in order to create the safest experience of starting a fire both in nature or at home, as well as for a fireplace or for grilling meat. The sticks are flexible, so your can twist them in any way you see fit in order to achieve the desired effect fast and with no hassle. It is as simple as counting to 2: twist, light up and go!

Giving back to the community

We create our products with great sense of responsibility. Most of all, we strive to provide the perfect user experience to each and every person who honored us and chose to use our products. Additionally, we believe in equality and creating the opportunities for people with disabilities to provide for themselves and be a part of the community. Hence, we package our Eco Firesticks in Elwyn center for integration and rehabilitation.

We do our best to create a product that delivers everything it promises and more, while making sure that the usage experience is safe, controlled and complied to the relevant standards of fire safety and the green production of the 21st century.

With eyes towards the future

We believe in each and every one of our products, specifically in our Eco Firesticks. We’re interested to cooperate with various distributors all around the world. We strongly believe that Eco Firesticks will soon be a must product for everyone who like camping or grilling in nature, as well as creating warm and cozy environment at home, cottages or guesthouses using a natural fire and real ecological burning aides for achieving these purposes.

Sticks have properties similar to Fire Nuggets.

Available in package: 18 pcs.

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