Coconut BBQ Briquettes

Polus Global Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes have been proven to be the highest quality by international standards.

Our premium coconut shell briquettes are sustainably sourced and 100% natural. The premium carbon source found in coconut shell charcoal provides steady heat and a long burn. Unlike most other charcoal briquettes, our coconut shell briquettes are 100% charcoal, containing no uncarbonised fillers, and make for an unparalleled BBQ experience.

PolusGlobal does not add chemicals to the coconut charcoal either, so you get a clean burn. It is more like grilling with real wood rather than charcoal briquettes. There’s no coconut flavor. The smell of the charcoal is rather neutral other than just having a grilling smoke smell with the foods on the grill taking center stage.

Whether your preference is for quick open grilling, a spit or kettle roast, make sure your barbecue gets off to a great start with Polus Global Coconut Shell Charcoal BBQ Briquettes.

– 100% natural
– No additives like standard briquets
– Great for use in all styles of outdoor cooking appliances, including classic kettle style barbecues, barrel grills & smokers, and kamado-style ceramic cookers
– Burns longer than other charcoal briquettes
– High quality, premium product offers exceptional value
– Polus Global is a the market leader of high quality BBQ fuel within Israel
– Getting that Real BBQ taste has never been easier

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