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The desire to find alternative energy sources with increasing oil prices not only initiated the development and introduction of new scientific technologies, but also turned interest in long-used and tested fuel – coal.

The greatest demand is for coking coal, which is the main fuel in the sphere of steel and energy production. So what is coking coal?

Сoal of rank K is a coal from which coke is obtained under conditions of industrial coking, which in turn is of great technical value. The technical composition, coking characteristics, coking capacity and other special factors are considered for coal carbonization. The following types of coal are used in Russia for coal carbonization: K (coking), Zh (coal of rank Zh), OS (forge coals), G (gas coals) and SS (low-caking).

Сoal of rank K has the capacity to obtain a limp state and a capacity to agglomerate in conditions under certain temperatures. Сoal of rank K has the highest combustion temperature and is characterized by a comparatively low inert content. For coal carbonization, coal of G rank is mostly used. Eventually, coking technology has made good progress due to the development of new coalfields.

Where does coking coal come from?

The coking process appeared relatively recently, and approximately in the middle of the last century new coking technologies were developed.

The main features of coking coal are the following:

  • The ability to acquire a plastic state and at a certain temperature – to bake.
  • Higher combustion temperatures.
  • Less impurity content.

Today about 10% of the extracted coal is subjected to the coking process, which indicates the demand for this kind of fuel in the energy and industry.

The choice of a reliable supplier in the world coal market is the key to obtaining reliable wholesale supplies of coking coal at the best prices for coke today.

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