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Coal is the most worldwide energy resource worldwide. Coal was the first type of fossil fuel used by man.

Today, the application of coal is very diverse. Power generating coal is used as fuel for various CHHP and other power stations; it is used as a raw material in the metallurgical and chemical industries, in the manufacturing of graphite, and in the production of rare and trace elements. An upcoming trend is coal combustion (hydrogenation) with the formation of liquid fuel.

Depending on its calorific value, coal is classified by types accordingly: the maximum amount of anthracite (hard shining black coal) and the lowest amount of brown coal (lignite). High energy coals are used in the metallurgy of ferrous metals and low energy ones are used in the electrical energy industry.

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Coking Coal

The greatest demand is for coking coal, which is the main fuel in the sphere of steel and energy production. So what is coking coal?



Brown coal is a fossil coal with the lowest degree of coalification.
A transition form from peat to hard coal.



It is a high-quality power fuel and it is also used for the production of carbides, electrodes, etc

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