Apple chips are an excellent choice for smokers. They are suitable for smoking products such as fish, chicken, beef, lamb, as well as pork and vegetables. Even fairly hard meat of wild birds (geese, ducks, partridges, etc.) becomes soft and juicy, acquiring a special flavor and slightly sweetish taste.

Chips for smoking directly affect the taste, appearance and the quality of products depending on the kind of chips you use, its quality, moisture, the total cooking time, and the amount of smoke, as well as the temperature in the smoking apparatus.

When smoking smoke that gives chips, deeply penetrates into the smoking products, all of them get impregnated with smoke and get its unique aroma and taste.

Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the right type of chips for smoking. The best for this purpose is the  fruit chips.

Fruit chips, especially apple, contain more essential oils, so cooking is faster, chips are consumed less, it gives a lot of fragrant smoke, and does not give soot at all. The aroma is unmatched, very rich and pleasant. Moreover,  you can smoke on fruit chips without any additives.

Large and short, uniform smoldering tongues of flame form in the chips of large fractions, which form more decay than combustion, they do not reach the products to be prepared, the smokehouse has a lot of oxygen and thick clean smoke, the temperature rises gradually, and has no differences, which is very good for process of smoking.

To make the dish really fragrant and tasty, you need to use a special chip for smoking. It is made of quality raw materials, which subsequently significantly affects the quality of the prepared dish.

Chips are also used for additional flavoring when preparing kebab. Chips are added to the main coals, and the smoke formed during smolder gives the product a unique fruit flavor.

Tips for using.

Make your dish on the grill refined with the aroma of special chips for smoking!

Before preparing the chips you need to pre-moisten! It is soaked in water, removed, allowed to drain excess water, slightly dried, spreading a thin layer on the fabric. The moisture content of chips for smoking should be within 50-65%. Too raw chips, above 75-80% moisture, cannot burn, or will turn off hardly flaming, or it will burn unevenly.

Good smoking is obtained with slow chip smoldering, which does not have an open flame, when air is weak, and the temperature is kept within 220-300 ° С. If the temperature is lower and the moisture content of the chips is higher than the recommended values, the smoke can contain more soot, respectively, the coloring turns out to be darker, unattractive, and the taste and aroma change for the worse.

1. Take the smoke house, pour the chips with a thin layer from two to five centimeters.
2. We kindle chips.
3. We look forward to the appearance of smoke.
4. We put on the grate pre-prepared products.
5. Smoke till you see the appearance of a beautiful golden color.

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